Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bird Count Fantastic!

I did a night shift last night and my OH picked me up at 8.00am, he said the temperature where we live was -8, by time we got home it had gone up to -5. Just the right conditions for the RSPB bird count, and sure enough they all came into my garden to be counted:) I had a brilliant time counting them this morning and I took a few pictures.

This Fieldfare appeared. He disappeared when the weather turned mild, but this morning, freezing temperatures brought him back into my garden. This picture was taken at 08:24 am.
Fieldfare (7)

The Lesser Redpoll made his appearance for the count. This picture was taken at 08:46 am.
Redpoll (2)

The female Blackcap also turned up to be counted, not to be missed out. Not a good picture, I took it for record shot. This picture was taken at 08:34 am.
Blackcap (female) (7)

So you can see from the times these three pictures (above) were taken, how lucky I was when I was doing my bird count. The other pictures (below) were also taken this morning, I tried not to cheat with these by using the Auto mode, but tried different settings.

The best shot I have managed to get of a Siskin. This picture was taken at 08:49 am.
Siskin (male) (3)

I took several pictures of the Goldfinch, they are easier than the other birds, they do seem to sit still long enough for you to get a reasonable shot. This picture was taken at 08:36 am.