Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bird Count Fantastic!

I did a night shift last night and my OH picked me up at 8.00am, he said the temperature where we live was -8, by time we got home it had gone up to -5. Just the right conditions for the RSPB bird count, and sure enough they all came into my garden to be counted:) I had a brilliant time counting them this morning and I took a few pictures.

This Fieldfare appeared. He disappeared when the weather turned mild, but this morning, freezing temperatures brought him back into my garden. This picture was taken at 08:24 am.
Fieldfare (7)

The Lesser Redpoll made his appearance for the count. This picture was taken at 08:46 am.
Redpoll (2)

The female Blackcap also turned up to be counted, not to be missed out. Not a good picture, I took it for record shot. This picture was taken at 08:34 am.
Blackcap (female) (7)

So you can see from the times these three pictures (above) were taken, how lucky I was when I was doing my bird count. The other pictures (below) were also taken this morning, I tried not to cheat with these by using the Auto mode, but tried different settings.

The best shot I have managed to get of a Siskin. This picture was taken at 08:49 am.
Siskin (male) (3)

I took several pictures of the Goldfinch, they are easier than the other birds, they do seem to sit still long enough for you to get a reasonable shot. This picture was taken at 08:36 am.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Another New Visitor!

Another new visitor this Winter, the female Blackcap. This is not the first time I've had a Blackcap, they have appeared in previous Winters, and so far only the female. This little bird has been around the last two days and judging by her confidence in the use of my garden, I think she has been around before. she is quite feisty, likes to show the other birds that she is not easily frightened off.

Blackcap (female) (4)

Blackcap (female) (3)

Blackcap (female) (2)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Red Alert! Red Alert!

Another surprise for me this Winter, a Redpoll! This bird turned up on my niger feeder today, it is my first Redpoll. Now I have been trying to decide which one it it a Mealy or is it a Lesser......I am still trying to decide. I have looked in my books and on the Internet, and I am still debating which one it is. Any ideas are welcome from my birdy pals:) Notice too, he has a ring on his leg.